Parrots As Pets Make Loving Companions

parrots as pets

The first thing you need to take in to account about parrots as pets is the length of their lifespan. Some live up to 80 years.

Parrots are very intelligent and are capable of making strong emotional connections. Don’t enter into ownership of a parrot lightly.

Sometimes breeders will let you take your parrot home for a trial period to make sure that the two of you will make a good match.

Parrots as pets demand time and attention. Even though their home is in a cage you can not simply leave them there and ignore them.

They are very social creatures, living in flocks in the wild. They do best in environments where they feel physically and mentally stimulated and engaged.

Before you choose a parrot you will want to do some research about the different species and their characteristics to make sure you find the one that is right for you. You will also want to educate yourself on all aspects of their care.

Take everything from size to temperament, to sociability and mimicry ability into consideration when selecting your parrot. These are all things that are relevant in making a choice that will work with your life style.

Once you know what is out there you will be more able to make an honest assessment of how much time and effort you are willing to spend on your pet and choose accordingly. Since you will be together for a long time, you want to have the best possible beginning to your relationship with your parrot.

Parrots are extremely intelligent creatures and thus they are often compared to chimpanzees, dolphins and even toddlers.  Having a parrot at home can be a really exciting experience!

Your research isn’t complete until you have learned about the hands on daily care that will keep your parrot happy and healthy.

Parrots have to be kept in clean cages and you should ensure that they are housed in large enough cages where they can spread their wings and have the freedom to move about in the cage.

When you keep parrots as pets you need to feed them nutritious food. Fortunately commercial pellets provide most of what is necessary for the basis of your parrots diet and you can be creative in the vegetables and protein you feed your bird.

They can be messy eaters and this means that you have to be prepared to do some regular clean-up in and around their cage.

Because of their keen intellect parrots also require stimulation and you can provide this through some one-on-one time and through judicious use of parrots toys.

Parrots are bright and beautiful and the idea of having one at home and teaching him or her to speak is impossible to resist for most of us.

Before you bring home that lovely macaw you saw at the pet store make sure that you have spent enough time learning about him and why you are making that particular selection. If you take the time you will be certain to truly enjoy having parrots as pets!


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